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Safety Inspections

Initial Visit - Do you need a health and safety consultant?

Small businesses are often too busy to even know that they have safety issues. Quite often employees will be reluctant to report problems, preferring to get on with the job. Often there is an ignorance of the safety laws, a complacency with regard to use of chemicals and equipment, over-familiarity with the job, a total lack of safety culture. In small businesses such a situation can go on undetected, until there is an accident, and an accident in a small business can mean the end of the business, especially if the employer is prosecuted or sued by his employee.

If you feel at risk because safety is not being dealt with at your company you might benefit from a complete review, and full programme of safety inspection, training and monitoring.

Before you think of committing to a full programme of safety consultancy, Wright Safety Solutions is offering your business a FREE FIRST VISIT. I am offering you this free visit to introduce myself and to give you the opportunity to have a free safety inspection. I can spend one or two hours on your site, looking at your work, meeting some of your staff, and making an assessment of the business' commitment to health and safety. The government and our industry institutions demand that businesses provide certain minimum safety standards; I will look for these. I will also look for any hazards that might be putting your a staff at risk or might even be putting the safety of your business at risk! After the visit I will give you a FREE REPORT. The report will tell you if your business:

  • has a safety culture
  • meets the minimum safety standards required by law
  • complies with most regulations
  • presents no serious risks to staff
  • has no serious fire risks


  • has no safety culture
  • fails to meet minimum standards required
  • has a serious fire risk
  • is putting staff seriously at risk
  • badly needs safety advice

After reading your free report, you might still wonder if you need a safety consultant. Check out my guide to services and how you can manage me by clicking Your Safety Consultant at the top of the menu to the right of this page.

Future Visits

If you decide you do want more safety advice, I can offer to

  • carry out your health and safety risk assessments and advise action to minimise risks
  • review your risk assessments when circumstances change
  • monitor legal compliance and keep you up to date with current legislation
  • help you liaise with officials from regulatory bodies - HSE, local councils, local fire service etc
  • advise on specific issues - fire, noise monitoring, machine guards, personal protective wear etc
  • assess your health and safety training requirements and carry out the training
  • write health and safety policies and strategies
  • monitor health and safety procedures and method statements to ensure they're being followed
  • produce reports and statistics on your health and safety performance
  • develop a complete occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS).

A complete management system can provide a framework to help you comply with your legal requirements on health and safety.

Wright Safety Solutions can help your business with ALL safety issues. Click any of the buttons on the menu on the right of this page to find out what safety issues are important to your business.

Contact Wright Safety Solutions :

Wright Safety Solutions
John A. B. Wright
B.Sc. (Chem), TechIOSH
safety qualification: NEBOSH (Gen.Cert.)

Tel: (024) 76618235
Mobile: 0779 3880597



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Health and Safety for Coventry and Warwickshire medium/small businesses

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